Kaash: A Short Film Entirely Crowdfunded By Men For Women

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In a first, a bunch of students from Whistling Woods International has made a short film – Kaash – entirely crowdfunded by men. Initiated bySamarth Kadkol, the film deals with stereotypes that women face every day of their lives.

Kaash is an initiative by nine students of Whistling Woods International, Mumbai.

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They call it ‘The Gentlemen’s Project.’ “We concerned students of filmmaking have decided to make a short movie, which will be on the journey ofwomen in this society. The obstacles, troubles or problems she faces every day but manages to overcome it,” the project’s Facebook page elaborates.

The 7-minutes short film stars Shweta Tripathi & Shashank Arora and has been endorsed by Bollywood biggies like Subhash Ghai, John Abraham, Sunil Grover, Nitesh Tiwari, Salim Merchant, Raghu Ram and Rajeev, Raj Nayak (CEO of colors), Rahul Puri (Head of Mukta Arts), to name a few. Music of ‘Kaash’ is composed by Manish Tipu and Piyush Mishra will be narrating the story.

Kadkol and his team of eight other students posted about the project on Facebook back in April 2016 and managed to raise Rs 1 lakh in just week. Wanting to make Kaash, the “Worlds First Men crowd Funded film,” they accepted between Rs 100 to 10000 from 241 men across the country, managing to raise Rs 2.3 lakh.

Poster of “Kaash”, world’s first short film that is completely crowd-funded by men, dedicated to the superwomen of their lives.

Panchami Nayak, head of marketing of‘The Gentlemen’s Project’ tell Fabnewz how men from of all walks of life madeKaash happen.

“He (Samarth Kadkol) was traveling by Uber one day where he just mentioned about what the project is, the uber driver seemed to be pretty amazed by it. So when the ride was over, he asked my team member (Samarth Kadkol) not to give him the fare money but use it for the project instead.

We just want the audience to know that it’s a myth that non-educated people are ill-mannered or don’t respect women. There are a lot of Gentlemen out there who support Gender Equality and help a woman to grow the way she wants to. Just want to tell the audience to bring out the Gentleman in them.”

Kaash is currently undergoing post-production and is slated to release by the end of February or beginning of March.

3/08/2017:Kaash – The Short Movie starring Shweta Tripathi & Shashank Arora released today on International Women’s Day. Watch the film right here:

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