Justin Bieber apologised to his fans in middle of his concert – here’s why!

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is truly a star. We often hear stories about the misdemeanor carried by the Canadian pop star, but songs of praises about him somewhere get buried in the noise. He held his Purpose Tour Concert in India today, and performed in front of about 45,000 fans. But before the concert he met a few underprivileged kids, and made their day. A video of the same has since gone viral on social media platforms. Well, you’dbe impressed to know that during the concert Justin had a moment of humbleness, where he did not shy away from apologising to his fans when required. Here is what happened:

Justin began his set at around 8 PM last night. Fans cheered at the top of their lungs as the singer performed on songs like Never Let You Go. Soon, the Canadian pop star brought out a guitar to play. He flicked his fingers onthe strings, and to everyone’s surprise the sound that came out was not very melodious or musical. Turns out, his guitar was out of tune. To this, Justin took the mic and apolgised to his fans, as he added that because of the humidity his guitar went a out of tune. Well, we will give a free pass to Justin for this glitch. We all are very well aware of the humidity in Mumbai!

This was not the only sweet gesture shown by Justin at the concert. He even told the Indian fans that they are the coolest people he has met, and seriously there are about a thousand posts about this sentence out their on social media. “I am privileged to be here. Tonight’s going to be the best night of your life. You guys are one of the coolest people I have met.” the Baby singer said.

He also added, “Weather is not too hot, but the sun is kinda different here!” Maybe he was again hinting at the persisting humidity in the city.

Justin danced with children on stage as he performed on one of songs from the album Purpose. He made fans chant “India, India”, and said “I love you” so many times that you might have lost count. He even urged fans to take two minutes and think about the purpose of their lives. He left the stage but upon hearing the crowd’s request to sing Sorry, he came back gave in to their wish. He wrapped up his concert with reiterating that he loved the fans and that he will come back to India.

SOURCE: Bollywoodlife

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