Jumanji 2- the First Look and the Other Latest Information About the Movie!

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Jumanji 2

For the lovers of the film ‘Jumanji‘ here is a good news! ‘Jumanji‘ is soon to get a reboot. All thanks to “The Rock” who could not resist uploading and promote his movies via pictures on Instagram. ‘Jumanji 2′ is now on the floors with the lead actor and of corse the co-producer, our very own “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson! The upcoming information says that the shooting is in progress in the lands of Hawaii. And he has been sharing the shooting pictures on Instagram for his 67 million fan followers. Surprisingly, today the latest details has revealed a new face on Instagram. Nick Jonas is one of the co-stars of Dwayne Johnson.

Johnson sounds humorously confident when he says that Nick is going to kill this particular role in ‘Jumanji 2’, just as he kills things with his bare hands. Though we do not know what “things” did he murder with his “bare hands”, we prefer talking about the next actor who is also revealed to be in this particular movie. As pointed out by “The Rock”, it is true that Nick Jonas might be better known for his singing, yet the person who sings the most in the set of ‘Jumanji 2’ is Jack Black! Though plot details of the second instalment of Jumanji are scarcely portrayed, yet we have discovered some new information about ‘Jumanji 2’ yesterday. The theme of this second instalment of Jumanji franchise will be revolving around the four teens in detention “who get sucked into the game,” where they carry on with new ‘avatar’ forms to find a jewel. That has made us discover why the character of Karen Gillan will be sporting a look of Tomb Raider. On the other hand, the character of Johnson will get to rock an Indian outfit that is Jones-like! Archetypes will be played by them.

Here are Some Latest Pictures of Jumanji 2

However, Jumanji, the first instalment of Jumanji franchise was loved by audiences worldwide. The movie was based on family, adventure and fantasy as well. This American movie was released in the year 1995 and directed by Joe Johnston. Starring Robin Williams as the previously trapped player, with the name Alan Parrish the movie had earned more than $262,797,249 worldwide in its box office collection. Jumanji 2 is now on the go, and people are eagerly waiting for its release.

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