John McDonnell Offers ‘Interventionist Government’

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John McDonnell

Today, the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, will promise a labour which will offer an “interventionist government” to protect the main British business from the global market pressures. John McDonnell in his speech will be heralded a post which is backed by the industrial strategy under Labour. He will be telling that the rules of the conference for globalisation “are being rewritten for us“. However, Labour on Thursday will also commit to the multi-billion pound pledge to build up the shortfalls to fund for the deprived and dejected regions along with some of the communities too, which will result in the departure of Britain from the European Union.

The promise made by John McDonnell is going to be announced by Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, who gives a guarantee that the future Labour governments will be equal to the EU structural funding worth €10.8bn (£9.3bn) from the year 2014 to 2020. On top, Philip Hammond, the chancellor declared that the Treasury would guarantee projects of EU investment and structural funding which was already signed before the autumn statement this year. To add, Thornberry will be saying that for the after-period, they have not said anything which is not a good thing. By this, they cannot make any progress. Moreover, he will be thanking McDonnell for the offer.

Wales will be one of the regions which will get the benefit from this scheme. The shadow chancellor will be seen accusing the conversation, saying that it is “too blinkered by their ideology“, as the “winds of globalisation” are travelling in somewhat different direction. To add in his speech, he will say that the blowing of the wind is “against the belief in the free market, and in favour of intervention.” McDonnell will be citing the crisis that was caused by China flooding markets with some cheap steel. That time the U. K. was delayed in following the other major governments to protect the homegrown steel sector. He will also be calling for “a new deal across our whole economy” promising that the nest Labour government will be “interventionist“. In the field of digital technologies, Britain is well-placed for taking advantages of the manufacturing facilities. To conclude McDonnell will be saying that after Brexit “we want to see a renaissance in British manufacturing“. The government will create entrepreneurial states which will be working with wealth creators to offer products for a long-term security as well as prosperity.

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