John Abraham to be Associated with 2017 Nissan GT-R Black Edition

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John Abraham

Bollywood actor, John Abraham is going to be theface for 2017 Nissan GT-R Black Edition. The news will give added class to this classy edition of Nissan. The car is in news for quoite some time now and with John Abraham on board it is just the cherry on the cake for the buyers. The actor is the brand ambassador of Nissan. The 2017 GT-R was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show back in March.

Abraham added a short video and has shown off this black beauty. Nissan claims this car is to be the first one to arrive in India. The car was recently launched in India with a total of just 10 GT-R has come and among them five of them have been booked and the other three have already been delivered to their customers.

Nissan GT-R Black Edition is powered by a massive 3.8-litre with V6 twin-turbocharged handcrafted engine which can produce 552 bhp at 6,800 rpm and 632 Nm of torque. With such a powerful setup , the car can launch from 0-100 kmph in just 2.8 seconds. But the fact is the car is a bit pricey and comes with a whooping amount of Rs 1.99 crores.

The 2017 GT-R is known as the ‘Godzilla’ or ‘Supercar Killer’ and was launched in a star-studded event in Mumbai on December 2. John Abraham is well known for his love of expensive bikes and cars and he is on of those few actors of Bollywood who loves and flaunt sped. He is the one who made Higher booster bikes famous in India with his movie Dhoom.

His collaboration will definitely give an added boost to the sale and popularity of 2017 Nissan GT-R Black and that is sole target of the brand.

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