JLL India To Invest in Real Estate Through Its New Independent Vertical

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JLL India

Real estate property consultancy aggregator JLL India launched a new independent vertical so as to make strategic investments in the startup firms which are aggressively developing technology solutions for such similar sectors. The investment through the new vertical would lead to a better potentiality in real estate business henceforth backed by workable technology, innovative thinking, and sound engineering.

The following investment will help in aiming to work with Geographical Information System, Visualisation and Augmented Reality, Sustainable Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Commercial Buildings, Water Efficiency, Smart City tech application, Data Analytics, Home Automation, property Management technologies, Internet of Things, and so on.

The financial aid will be headed by its own propriety capitals, along with its strategic partners. The firm has planned to provide a fund amount of almost $2 million in the next 12 to 18 months in which they would include as many as 10 to 15 early-stage startups. This particular business segment will be led by Anuj Nangpal, who is a real estate industry veteran specialist in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity, investment banking and corporate advisory.

JLL India

The first to receive the investment is, a technology platform for seeking knowledge for real estate places. The startup company helps developers to get an idea of the market for appropriate development thus allowing customisation of the interiors to fly. The patent pending based firm comes adheres a unique technology has a global appeal along with the advancements they make in competitive scale. Apart from, it plans to invest in 3 more startups in the year end.

According to Anuj Nangpal, We are looking at 7-8 proposals in addition to these. The deal pipeline is good as it’s a very robust industry and technology adaption at a global level in real estate is moving at a faster pace. A strategic partnership with JLL will allow these companies an opportunity to scale as well as explore the application of the technologies in global markets.

Anuj Nangpal, Head of JLL India Real Estate Technology Venture, would foresee the entity simply keep an overview thus working closely with various business lines as well as financial partners. It would deploy seed funding in different individual firms. Also, explore the potentiality of private equity funds as well as financial institutions to make larger investments.

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