Jimmi Simpson Could Be Returning to HBO’s Westworld

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Jimmi Simpson

Jimmi Simpson as William in a still from Westworld season 1.

When Westworld season 1 ended, it was generally assumed that was the end of Jimmi Simpson on the show. But taking to GQ, the actor mused on the possibility of William’s return to the Westworld’s future season.

Jimmi Simpson as William in a still from Westworld season 1.

Jimmi sat down with GQ and spoke of his personal style choices, along with predictions regarding his return to HBO hit science fiction thriller, Westworld.Given the vast scope of a show like Westworld, the actor said the show could extend for six to seven seasons and that he could return to Westworld in one of the future seasons.

“So far, my involvement in that is unclear,” Jimmi said, adding, “But we’re all speculating what season two will be, and I think it’ll be something that will blow our minds, to the degree that the first season did. But I wouldn’t be surprised if William showed up season three or something.”

Of course, this could be just thinking out loud or it could be a reflectionof internal discussion. It’s hard to tell.

Besides Simpson, a slew of other characters are expected to return in Westworld season 2 including Louis Herthum who plays the malfunctioning host/robot, Peter Abernathy. In a Reddit AMA, the actor talked of his return to the show after Abernathy was included in Charlotte Hale and Lee Sizemore’s plot of smuggling data out of the park: “Should Peter return, it would seem that under the circumstances he would be a most interesting Host.”

Back then, Herthum had informed fans he wasn’t under any contract for Westworld season 2, so I guess everything is upin the air right now.Westworld season 2 will, reportedly, begin shooting by the end of this year and premiere in early 2018.

Westworld casts are currently busy with other projects likeLouis Herthum is heading to Chicago Med.and Thandie Newton to BBC One crime drama Line Of Duty where she plays Detective Chief Inspector Roz Huntley. Jimmi Simpson, after breaking hearts last year in Westworld season 1, is now shooting for aDavid Robert Mitchell film that also stars Andrew Garfield.

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