Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6: Xo Stumbles Upon Her Ex Boyfriend

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6

Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6: Yesterday’s episode of Jane the Virgin Season 3 has been still creating a buzz among the fans as Michael and Rafael were working out together in the gym and Rafael was constantly asked questions by Michael. And now the viewers are anxiously waiting to get an insight into the happenings of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6 which will hit the television screens on November 21. Nevertheless, the news which is doing the rounds regarding the approaching episode of the ongoing season of Jane the virgin is Jane getting a surprise visit from her cousin and Xo stumbling upon her ex while figuring out a location for her dance studio, as reported by SpoilerTV.

And now the question which arises right now is how would Xo react to the situation and how Jane would handle her cousin sister’s presence around her? However, the further report also states that Petra would be seeking Rafael’s help after getting charged with a lawsuit. And Rogelio will find it difficult to express his feelings for Xo in Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6.

Nevertheless, it seems that Jane the Virgin Chapter Fifty has a lot in store for the fans as the newly released promo of it looks quite intriguing and hilarious. It can be assured from the promo of Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6 that Jane would feel extremely jealous of her cousin as she gets all the attention  from Rafael. And the hilarious part is the expression made by Jane when Michael says that Jane’s cousin is of Rafael’s type as she is hot.

The third season of Jane the Virgin has been quite eventful for the fandom as they got to witness Jane losing her virginity in Chapter Forty Seven, which did not end up on a good note for Michael and Jane as she goofed up a lot of things in order to spice things up. And now the viewers are expecting Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6 to keep up with the same potency as the previous episodes.

The curiosity buds have been tickled and the excitement has set in, so let’s wait until Monday to witness it all.

Check out the promo for Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 6 below

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