Janatha Garage Movie Review: Get all the Details with Plot and Rating

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Janatha Garage Movie Review

Janatha Garage Review : a movie that is more than just a film, and that has brought all the big names of South Indian movie industry together has released today. Here the flick we are talking about is Janatha Garage. Directed by Koratala Siva, Telugu movie Janatha Garage has received positive reviews from the audience. Made in both Malayalam and Telugu language the movie is made with a budget of 40 crores. Let us get the Janatha Garage Movie Review before visiting the theatre.

Janatha Garage Plot:

The plot of this bi-lingual film centres two lead characters, NTR Jr. and of course Mohanlal. Anand ( NTR Jr.) is an IIT graduate environment student who cannot tolerate those who tries to harm the nature. On the other hand, his Uncle Mohanlal is a man who fights against any injustice to common people. While Anand starts working with his uncle in his garage, they miffed with the mining mafia. Anand warns Unni Mukundan (the bad guy) not to get in trouble by harming people and environment. But things got worse. Now how the two leads join hands and take care of the people who is in between the ways of nature and emotions the story has a deep impact on today’s society and duty of common people.

Janatha Garage Review:

As a movie, Janatha Garage is already a hit. The reasons are numerous. The presence of the two superstars together has given the movie the added status and weight. Mohanlal’s comeback after almost 20 years is itself a reason why the movie got such a hype. This movie turns out to be NTR’s hat-trick hit with Janatha Garage after giving back to back blockbusters like Temper and Nannaku Prematho. The plot is unique, as it has talked about the subject of environmental awareness. Most importantly the movie is loved by all.

The wow

  • Janatha Garage is getting attention for all the right reasons. The movie got an excellent storyline.
  • The touch of environmental awareness has given the movie an added importance.
  • The presence of two stars Mohanlal and NTR Jr. has made the audience go gaga over the movie.
  • Excellent acting of all the stars.

The Blah

  • The good man vs. bad man is a very cliché thing that the movie has repeated.
  • There is hardly any importance of the female characters.

Janatha Garage Rating

Janatha Garage is a movie for all. This movie is capable enough to draw the attention of every audience with its relatable plot and excellent presentation. The presence of the stars has completed the circle of excellence.

So now on the behalf of our team, I am giving the movie a clean 4 out of 5.

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