James Cameron Talks About ‘Avatar 2’

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James Cameron Talks About ‘Avatar 2’

‘Pandora’ — The World Of Avatar hopefully will be open again in 2018. Though it has been almost six years since the “Avatar” hit the big screens. All the “Avatar” fans are waiting eagerly to hear anything about the sequel of the iconic movie. But there was no such news till James Cameron shares few details About ‘Avatar 2‘. When James visited San Diego Comic-Con for his work on “Aliens,” he talked about ‘Avatar’ too.

He said the writing is in progress, and he has finished the 4th part too. The 5th part will be edited by him as he is not writing it, though he did not disclose the name of the writer of that part but did not forget to praise his ability. He is anticipating to work on those projects anytime sooner. According to the plan “Avatar 2” will be in cinemas in 2018, followed by the next three films coming in 2020, 2022 and 2023.

Another news that came to be known about ‘Avatar’ is that there will be a TV Series on Avatar. But James Cameron declined it all together as the special effects in ” ‘Avatar’ ” is too expensive for a TV show and a minute close-up of the Na’vi costs more than a million dollars. So technically it is not possible to make that into a TV series. Though he thinks that an animated “Avatar” for a TV can work.

It is true that Cameron wants the ‘Avatar 2’ to release in 2018, but as the preparation of such a grand movie is huge, it can easily postpone. Though as a true ‘Avatar’ fan none of us want the movie to delay even for a day! There are already many fan made trailers, and the teaser has been released. The craze for the movie can be guessed from there!

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