Jalandhar-Pathankot Train Bomb Scare

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Jalandhar-Pathankot Train Bomb Scare

Just after few days of the shootouts at Jalandhar, another fear strikes a train heading towards it. An abandoned bag was found in the train, while it was heading towards Pathankot from Jalandhar. Following this incident the train was stopped at Kandori station and the bomb squad and GRP was called in to handle the matter, said railway official.

Ferozpur Divisional Rail Manager Anuj Prakash said, “Around 12 PM, an abandoned bag was spotted by a passenger in the Jalandhar-Pathankot train. Two wires were coming out from a packet inside the bag which made the passengers suspicious and they informed the railway authorities.”


The people were struck with fear due to the fact that the region which witnessed such a fearful and deadly shootout just few days back could again probably be under high risks. So naturally the atmosphere is filled with fear.

“A passenger had thrown out the bag using a stick. GRP and railway security unit were informed. The train has not yet resumed its journey,” Prakash said. The most striking and a matter of concern is that the bag contained a battery and the squad is looking forward if the bag also contained any kind of explosive.

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