Jaguar Land Rover Purchases Minor Shares in CloudCar

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Britain-based automobile giants Jaguar Land Rover has reportedly purchased minor shares of car technology based firm CloudCar as it looks forward to new mergers as well as invest high-tech model automobiles for future perspective. The country’s biggest carmakers are working on building up connected cars which will take the support of the internetso as to improve customers’ driving experiences. The connected cars will communicate with each other so that driving becomes hassle-free and safe hence giving tough competition to its one-on-one rival Google.

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) parent company Tata Motors in collaboration with Ford went through an experimental phase where the connected cars were examined in grounds like speeding technology, cut accidents, designed for automated safety measures and so on. The respective test happened to be first such trial in Britain. After the success of the experiments, JLR confirmed on buying minor stakes in CloudCar thus making easier for the consumers to travel freely via artificial intelligence.

The respective car technology-based enterprise CloudCar has been developed to improvise voice activation mode, increase technological aspects in the car build-up, etc. eventually making it world’s first fully electric model car. The firm had earlier been supplying softwareto JLR, but this time with its improved technology, India-based Tata Motors showed a keen interestin buying a stake in CloudCar.

At present, JLR is planning to invest near about 12 million pounds thus purchasing a specified number of shares from the firm. The respective purchases and mergers may be termed as integral to the vehicle technology programme eventually focusing on working with other such firms. Also, the eventual need to be a part of hundreds of driver-focused global cloud services would stand as an excellent example of co-operation thus improving outcomes for customersworldwide.

The following development was taken from Reuters.

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