Jadavpur Film Screening Clash Takes Place after Students Allege Molestation

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Jadavpur Film

The Jadavpur University seems to be a hub of young protesters of West Bengal. On Friday, an agitation was triggered regarding the filming of a controversial film called Buddha in a Traffic Jam”. Two University students alleged molestation which was followed by FIRs by the Vice Chancellors. The students who were allegedly molested said that the outsiders who came to the campus with the film maker Vivek Agnihotri were the culprits.

The Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das said, “We have filed an FIR. There are allegations of molestation of two students, which we want to be investigated. And we also filed this FIR to find out how these outsiders entered our campus despite the permission being denied”.


Now the FIR story does not end here. One more FIR was filed by the students of Jadavpur University against the outsiders who allegedly molested the two JU girls and were caught at the hands of the other JU students. Both the FIRs were filed at the Jadavpur Police Station.

The total mishap started when Vivek Agnihotri entered the campus. He was not only showed black flags but also his cars were gheraoed. His request to screen the film at the Triguna Bhawan was not granted and thus he decided to screen it open air. That’s where the total incident started.

After all these the people accompanying Agnihotri who were reportedly ABVP supporters and the students got into big clash. During all these, four outsiders were marked and taken as hostage to the Aurobindo Bhawan. The students claimed that the four outsiders had molested the girls and they were handed over only to the police.

While all these were going on, Roopa Ganguly, who is a BJP leader, went to the campus in order to safe guard the ABVP supporters, but she was prevented from entering the campus.

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