It’s Not Just Businesses That Are Focusing on Going Green in 2019

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Where it used to be that going green wasn’t something most people and businesses were keen on doing, or even know how to do, today, it has almost become a trend to take green measures. Going green isn’t just a buzz word, these are words to live by, words that are shaping government, businesses, and people’s home life. Business are often seen as making some of the biggest steps in going green since their environmental footprint is that much larger, but that’s not to say that they are the only ones.

For 2019, it has spread far beyond just the big corporations looking to go green, in fact, many of the country’s top universities are also looking to do their part for the environment. Let’s take a closer look.

Universities Move Towards Zero Waste

It’s often said that it is the country’s youth that will change the course of the world, and nowhere is that more evident than with their focus on green measures. And it’s not just with words it’s with action, as universities are now looking go green with many top schools pledging they want to move towards zero waste as their ultimate goal.

Addressing the Big Issue – the Mountain of Trash

One of the biggest issues that universities face when attempting to go green is dealing with the sheer volume of trash that is left behind on move out day. With literally thousands of students moving out at the same time, it is almost incomprehensible just how much trash is left behind. All of it ends up heading to the landfill, which is not helpful in the least for the environment.

With this problem front and center, universities are looking for a way to drastically cut back on the amount of waste, with the hope of zero waste somewhere down the line. Programs such as donation drives and recycling can help to drastically cut down on waste.

Businesses That Are Focusing on Going Green

Waste Audits Can Help Identify Problem Areas

For universities that want to join the cause but aren’t sure what steps to take, a waste audit can be a fabulous first step. This audit takes a look at the school’s current waste management system and then identifies problem areas and solutions.

Educating Students

It’s about more than just finding places to make changes, it’s also about educating students on the importance of zero waste. Schools need to make their zero waste efforts clear from the start and give students the steps and information they need to be part of the solution. This can be through pamphlets, e-newsletters, and hosting various events on campus.

Look for More to Join the Cause in the Future

Consider reading this blog post from Bevi for more information on the zero waste university initiative and what all it entails. It takes a look at the many steps universities are taking, and provides the groundwork for those who haven’t yet joined the initiative but would like to. Things such as donation programs, campus initiatives, recycling programs, waste audits, and more are discussed.

As issues such as climate change, resources being spread thin, and the effect of pollution and waste on the environment continue to dominate the news, you can bet that even more universities will be joining the cause.

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