India’s leading enterprise ITC Ltd. is planning to make an outlay of multiple projects in next 5 years worth 25,000  crores INR subjecting their shareholders as having the vision to take the company to higher levels by introducing entirely new projects in varied segments.

ITC Ltd.

Currently, the growth of the firm got hampered due to weak chained infrastructure along with a virtual absence of establishment in an appropriate manner.  The high-end players are delaying and hampering the processed food industry along with perishables where it is mostly required. One of the sole reason behind investing in future prospective that the firm is exploring the opportunities consisting state-of-the-art chain cold storage for protecting farm productions such as fresh, frozen and dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

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All of these concerns were raised in 105th Annual General Meeting of ITC where CEO and Chairman Mr Y C Deveshwar opinionated as a series of superior agri-sourcing, and culinary expertise is needed. The company has engaged with farmers to implement integrated farm management program so as to nurture high-quality radiant super safe spices. The respective synergy would also infuse competitiveness in the soon-to-be-launched brand of premium coffee named “Sunbean”.

The range of spices which would be shortly introduced in the consumer health conscious market has undergone 450 contaminants with European Standards in comparison to  10 domestically. Apart from these, the company would also invest in appropriate infrastructure properties near the market to reduce wastage from multiple handling and transportation thus relocating manufacturing and distribution units.

At present, consumer goods logistic facilities are in developing stage, total 20 in number out of which 2 manufacturing units in West Bengal, will be operational in September and the other one likely to start by next year. ITC is all set to enter the FMCG segment targeting a revenue generation of  Rs. 1,00,000 crores by 2030. It is also willing to compete with domestic giants Patanjali and Amul.

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