ISIS Claims the Attack on Parliament in UK

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Parliament in UK

The gunman (practically a lone wolf attacker inspired from ISIS theory) who killed three civilians and injured several others near one of the highly secured zone, British parliament before being killed was British by birth! And another astonishing fact is that he was investigated by some security agencies before! Though the official news agency, Amaq ISIS has claimed the full responsibility. But a fuzzy thing is that ISIS did not take any name or any details of the attacker. That’s why it’s not clear whether the guy was a lone wolf attacker or there is something else behind the story.

According to the Government of UK, forty people were injured, and more than eight persons have been arrested so far from London and Birmingham accordingly. The attack is more or less same like the attacks in France and Germany last year. But only a claim by ISIS can’t proof it that attacker is actually an Islamist terrorist and fully inspired by the ISIS’s loan wolf attack theory.

The Prime Minister stated-

“What I can confirm is that the man was British-born and that some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism,”

The attack is just a year after the attack in Brussels where more than 32 people were shot down. But the attack in Berlin and Nice were done by trucks that throttled into congested market places.

Amaq claimed-

“The perpetrator of the attacks…is an Islamic State soldier and he carried out the operation in response to calls to target citizens of the coalition,”

ISIS has released news that they would attack the countries that are responsible for Anti-ISIS war which is going on in Iraq and Syria. On the earlier days, Russian armies took on the ISIS along the borders of Syria and released many important towns like Palmyra from the clutches of ISIS and US joined Kurdish coalition later to fight against ISIS. The UK is also a member of that coalition. That;s the reason may be why the attack took place. Stay tuned for more info about it.

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