Ishq Junoon Review, Rating, Trailer and Box Office Collection

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Ishq Junoon

Ishq Junoon is one of the boldest attempt of Bollywood till now. A plot that is based on a threesome love and romance is shocking for many. The movie has already created headlines, and Shiv Sena has already filed a written complaint against the movie accusing this movie is nothing but spreading vulgarity and is all about skin show. The party’s followers have burnt the posters and demanding a ban on this movie.

Ishq Junoon Cast and Crew

Cast: Rajbeer Singh, Divya Singh, Akshay Rangshahi

Director: Sanjay Sharma

Producer: Anuj Sharma, Vinay Gupta

Ishq Junoon Plot

Ishq Junoon is a story of a twisted tale where three lead characters tangled their lives with each other that follow a dangerous love affair where they fall pray of the sexual game of threesome. A very forbidden act of love where not two but three people get engaged,to explore something dangerous yet alluring! The forbidden love of Pakhi(Divya Singh), Raj (Rajbeer Singh) and Veer(Akshay Rangshahi) will change their lives forever; that will further take a turn into revenge and vengeance.

Ishq Junoon Review

Ishq Junoon is definitely not to everyone’s taste. For some, this kind of movies can pollute our social taste and mannerism. Even the dialogues are raunchy too. The movie is nothing but sexual stimulations and skin show. It is better not to talk about the acting or other technical parts of the film. As in one word, it’s trash. But it is a fact that this movie will get some audiences too. If you want to experiment, go and watch it at our own risk.

Ishq Junoon Rating

.nothing of this movie has anything to talk about. The acting is horrible, songs are frustrating, and the scenes and the plot are cheap. Therefore, we are giving this movie a 0.5/ 5 and will definitely not recommend you!

Ishq Junoon 1st Day Box Office Collection

Ishq Junoon budget is of 3 crores, and there may come some issues regarding its release, as MNS has already is being too strict about t6he banning of Ishq Junoon. But if we talk about the business, the 1st-day box office collection of Ishq Junoon can be expected around 3.2 crores.

Ishq Junoon Trailer

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