Is there a Good Windows Alternative to iMovie for PC?

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iMovie for PC

If you have edited a video using iMovie on Mac, you know how great the application is. But unfortunately for Windows users, they cannot use it with their operating system as it is just not supported.

Let’s take a look at-

Video Editor Plus for Windows: Alternative iMovie for PC

The easy to use yet robust software helps you quickly edit your videos without any special editing skills. You can create your own videos using the features that match with iMovie. We will explore the various functions of the video editor which makes it a suitable alternative of the Mac tool.

Matching Simplicity

You just need to drag and drop a video in the working area of the software to begin your task. Then you can proceed to trim or cut your footage and improve the quality aspects according to requirements.

You can use the simple interface to render any effect you want like fast forwarding or featuring the footage in slow motion. The program has easy functionalities that transform your video to give it the outcome you want.

Creative Transitions

Editors know how crucial it is to have a smooth transition between scenes in your video. You can insert multiple stylish transitions to make your video flow smoothly.

iMovie for windows

You can use different forms of fades to match your preferences with creative effects- give an effect of unfolding origami, turning of a page and others to make your video stand out.

Apply Multiple Artistic Effects

The software comes with over 40 filters and effects you can use to tailor the mood of your video. You can give your video the vintage look using the ‘Old Movie’ filter or create a surreal effect using the ‘Vertigo’ option.

You will find effects to match the mood of your video and create the perfect ambience to bring out the message of your video.

Create Slideshows

Do you want to create amazing slideshows in a matter of minutes?

Just drag and drop the images on the timeline of the program and add desired fades between the images. You can also use the creative transitions we talked above and add you can even insert background music as per your choice.

Add Titles

Nobody can imagine a movie without the credits rolling up! You can add creative titles and captions in your video using over 100 fonts and customize the size, colors and different aspects.

You can also make your video exciting with animated texts and rotating captions just like Hollywood!

Windows Alternative of iMovie for PC

If you want to use a video editor like iMovie on Windows, Video Editor Plus is a good choice. You can create a professional video in under 30 minutes with stunning effects to awe your viewers!

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