Is setting up a WordPress website a viable business strategy?

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If you are looking for a great marketing strategy to help grow your business, setting up a website on WordPress could be your big move! The largest website builder on the internet, hosting about a third of all websites online, has the most potential benefit for your brand. WordPress is a great platform for your business website because it offers a variety of features, all of which can be accessed for free.

Every third website on the internet is currently powered by WordPress because of the large number of options that the CMS offers users. These are some of the reasons why it can be a great platform to build your business website.

No hidden expenses

WordPress is free to install and use. It does not cost you any money, and your business website can be set up for no cost. The only unavoidable expense when setting up your website on WordPress is choosing a domain name. This is only a small, one-off payment, which should not significantly affect your budget. You can still set up a .WordPress address instead of a .com website, but your business website will be more likely to attract clients and visitors if it has the latter.

WordPress website a viable business


It is easy to use

You can install, configure and use WordPress without having any experience in coding. The platform is so easy to understand that beginners can create their own website in minutes. The ease of installation and use is aided by a lot of features only needing one-click operation and management. Users without any experience will enjoy the simple and universal dashboard. The platform also offers a learning curve, as well as great support, all of which helps you to know how to better set up and run your website without needing any experience or technical skill.

It can be customized

Even though there are millions of websites on WordPress, your website will still be unique to your brand. WordPress offers a large number of themes and plugins through the repository, most of which can be accessed for no cost. They are great for brands with a limited expense allocation since they allow you to customize your website to your liking without having to incur added costs.

The open source nature of WordPress enhances its ability to be customized. You will be able to make changes to your website by manipulating the code to suit your preferences. While making your website look and run how you want it to is a big draw to the platform, you should be careful to maintain a lightweight and functional site to ensure that it is not bogged down and sluggish.

Is setting up a WordPress website a viable business strategy

It is constantly under improvement

Even though WordPress is the most lucrative platform for hackers, it undergoes constant improvement and upgrades that vastly improves your ability to protect your site. By keeping your website up to date, you will not experience any potential vulnerability.

Even though the platform started out primarily for bloggers, it has continued to evolve. You can make any type of website on WordPress. Whether you’re looking for a customized ecommerce website, an exclusive social network for your business, a blog for your business or a knowledge-based website. There are even more modern integrations such as e-mail and social media, which allow you to keep in touch with many of your loyalists, as well as use their social pages to reach even more clients. This could increase the level of exposure for your brand.

It offers variety

WordPress is the most popular website builder on the internet because it offers variety in all its aspects. You can choose between different types of web hosts, depending on the budgetary allocation. There are tens of thousands of plugins and themes which are available through the repository. These will help you customize your website to your desired fit. They will also add different functions to your site that would make it more appealing and cause an Increase in traffic.

When it comes to content, you are not limited by any specific format. You can upload audiovisual content, which may attract up to 30% more followers. This could cause increased brand awareness, which may lead to a faster growing website.

On WordPress, you own all your content. You can make regular backups to ensure that you never experience data loss.

WordPress website a viable business

It is secure

WordPress is the largest website builder on the internet, which also makes it the largest target for potential attacks. However, website owners who regularly maintain their websites will not experience any vulnerability.

You can increase the security of your website by using plugins that are developed to monitor your website and improve your protection. As well as developing different the large WordPress community also provides enough information on how to improve the security function of your website to incorruptible levels.

On WordPress, you can delegate tasks without putting yourself of losing your website permanently. It offers tiered access, which enables your business website to function more efficiently. If you have a team dedicated to managing the website, you can split the tasks between them better and improve the functioning of your site.
You will still retain superior administrative access even though you will allow your author, editor, and developer to make changes to the website. You should regularly change your passwords to keep your website even more secure.

Final thought
While you can set up your business website without having to hiring out the service to dedicated professionals such as WPFixs will ensure your website is well functioning and designed to suit your ideal profile. They will offer a better security protocol, ensuring that your website is completely protected at all times. In the event of an attack, they will clear all malware using conventional and unconventional means. These professional WordPress service providers may even protect your website from future attacks. The great support provided by developers, blogs and forums, as well as the WordPress team will improve your experience on the platform, and will help reinforce all other benefits.

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