Is It Safe To Play Paid Leagues On The Indian Fantasy Cricket Website?

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For anyone who is vying to play fantasy cricket league for cash on a website, the question of safety is rather obvious. After all, no one in their right mind would want to lose out on the cash prizes that they have won after putting in a considerable amount of time and effort. So, if you too have been wondering whether or not is it safe to invest in playing on an Indian Fantasy Cricket Website, rest assured it is more than safe. How? Well, let us understand it in detail.

To begin with, Fantasy Cricket, as well as other Fantasy Games that are played for cash rewards, are legal under the Public Gambling Act, 1867. Any website hosting Fantasy Cricket Contests is essentially a skill-based platform, wherein the use of shortcuts or cheat codes is impossible.

Moreover, any website that offers users with the opportunity to participate in fantasy cricket leagues has a stringent process in place that ensures all its users are above the age of 18. In fact, most websites require the user to verify their mobile numbers as well as at least one government authorised Photo ID proof such as PAN Card or Aadhar Card. The users are also required to get their bank account details verified by the site. To this end, once the account details and the relevant documents are uploaded on the website, the respective authorities are contacted to check whether the details are authentic. Only when all the information provided by the user is verified, is he/she entitled to withdraw his/her cash winnings to the registered bank account.

In addition, the websites have strict protocols in place to ensure that every user adheres to the Fair Play policy. Under this policy, no user is allowed –

  • To create multiple accounts
  • To misuse a referral code to get cash bonus
  • To submit fake documents

If found doing so, the user’s account is deactivated with immediate effect.

Then again, every reputable fantasy cricket website ensures that it works in tandem with trusted third party payment gateways which provide 3-D secure authentication. This makes it certain that all financial transactions are completely safe from unwanted fraudulent measures. Moreover, the websites explicitly state that they do not store the user’s credit or debit card details with them.

In an attempt to further strengthen the safety of users on their platforms, leading fantasy cricket websites strictly prohibit their own employees from being a part of any of the cash contests hosted by the site.

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the various measures taken by the respective websites for your safety while playing fantasy cricket league for cash!

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