Is it better to play penny or quarter slots?

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Nowadays, there are varieties of slot machines that players can choose from. Some of the player’s favourites are the penny slots and the quarter slots – check out Raging Rhino Megaways. These games are closely related, and each has a different denomination. These slots have low limits and are advisable for players with a tight budget.



Concept of Penny Slots

The concept of the penny slot is quite fascinating because it has the lowest denomination of currency. It is more suitable for players who cannot afford higher bets. With penny slots, players can stake as low as 1 penny and earn huge returns. Even if the chances of winning a big jackpot decrease drastically, you can still make the little wins accumulate to a big amount.

For new players, penny slots are an opportunity to learn how to play games at lower risks before playing at higher risks.

One impression players have about penny slots is that they do not need to worry about potential losses. This belief is fuelled by the fact that the game requires just a penny per spin. The truth is losses can sum up quickly to become big, and this does huge damage to players’ bankroll if caution is thrown to the wind.

Players should bear in mind that casinos are out there to make money, and every penny counts. The result of this is that the payout percentage on low-stakes machines might get lowered. 

Concept of Quarter Slots

Quarter slots allow players to bet using different coin values. Quarter slots seem more profitable than penny slots, and it is not also as expensive or at risk as other high limit slots. Quarter slots are often played by players on a limited budget and want to try their winning chances.

With quarter slots, there are better chances to bet at the coin values and reach a higher level. Furthermore, with quarter slots, players can play with lower risk if they want to bet with lower values. The cash-out wins of quarter slots are much higher than those of penny slots.

Another advantage of betting on quarter slots is that the slot machine is flexible. For instance, if a player has a limitless budget, he can switch their betting stakes at any time.

The disadvantage of betting on quarter slots is that if a player is not careful, due to its flexibility, one can lavish his entire resources on the slot, hoping for bigger wins without winning.  

Raging Rhino Megaway


Undoubtedly, slot machines are one of the easiest to play in a casino, and they offer the best gaming experience. All that is required is for you to simply spin the reels and take risks with the hope of winning. 

Even though the penny and quarter slots are related and advisable for players with limited budgets, quarter slots seem perfect for players who want to win the jackpot.

The fact is that quarter slots have little shortcomings, but despite the disadvantage, they have the best winning chances and are enjoyed by most players.

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