Iron Fist: Danny Rand, Marvel’s New Savior of New York City

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Iron Fist: Three years ago Marvel made an announcement that three of their superheroes will have their very own shows. First, we had the incredibly well-made Jessica Jones, then there was the much-anticipated Luke Cage, now it’s time for Iron Fist. From late 2015, several bits and pieces of news regarding the new shows are emerging. We know that Finn Jones of Game of Thrones fame and thatthe first season of Netflix’s Iron Fist will bepremieringon March 17, 2017. Before the show begins, we thought we’d stitch all those rumours together and make a massive post on what we know about Iron Fist so far. Note:The post will contain spoilers from the upcoming series.

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Before we get into the nitty gritty of things, there;s an interesting backstory to the show. Marvel has originally wanted to make a film on Iron Fist. But after over a decade of waiting, they decided to ahead for a show. Development of the show began in 2013, and the filming began in 2016 after Finn Jones was cast.

Iron Fist Release Date

Iron Fist will be this year’s first Marvel NetflixTV show, and especially after last years, hugely successful Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, we’ve got high expectations for this one. The show will have 13 episodes and will be premiering on Friday, March 17. Suppose anybody wants to celebrate St. Patrick’s day differently, binge-watch Iron Fist when it rolls out. Now getting on to a few other interesting stuffs.

Iron Fist: Cast and Story

You probably already know that Finn Jones is playing the lead. He starred in Game of Thrones up until last year when HBO decided to kill off a bunch of characters. Jones has been teasing us about Iron Fist, ever since. The stars who are going to appear in the show are,Jessica Henwick, David Wenham, Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, and Rosario Dawson.

As per several reports and comments from fans who’d taken a critical look at the trailer, the show’s story is going to stick to theoriginal source material. The premise is pretty simple. If follows Danny Rand who returns to New York after fifteen years in hopes to taking over the responsibility of running his family business. But when a threat looms in the city, he must choose between concentrating his on forwarding his family’s legacy and becoming the hero he knows he is.

“I really enjoy how he’s a superhero with a real heart but has spiritual elements as well. I think … there’s this [contradiction] of on one hand he’s from a very wealthy family, he’s a billionaire, on the other hand, he’s been in this world of K’un-Lun for a long time where he’s learned kung fu and Buddhist philosophy.” – Finn Jones on hisapproach towards the character.

Iron Fist Trailer:

Released at New York Comic-Con, the first trailer of the series speaks volume for the series. You might as well get a look you self.

There was another teaser revealing the first look for the series during the Luke Cage panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last year.

Take a look at the impressive Iron Fist poster that somewhat calls to mind the sigil of House Targaryen in Game of Thrones.

There’s a little bit of time left until Iron Fist premieres. We suggest you catch up with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage during this time.

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