IPhone X a Disappointment? Here’s a list of Problems People are Facing

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The iPhone X released back in November 2017 was one of Apple’s great flagship framework. While we thought that the Apple’s new invention will be free from all the previous list of problems, there have been quite a number of issues with the handset.

According to the reviews, users are complaining that they are still experiencing issues with the phone and the updates don’t seem to fix the bugs. While the major issue that the iPhone X owners are facing is the calls are freezing and can’t hang up. The owners can’t answer the call due to the phone screen not working and owners are even unable to find how to hang up. Earlier this week, Apple confirmed the problems people are facing and has assured that it would look into the matter causing the iPhone X to free when receiving incoming calls.

There are several reports highlighting the problems occurring recently in the iPhone X. Let’s take a look at the problems.

iPhone X call freezing

The original issue that is bothering the iPhone users is the calls getting freeze whenever they receive an incoming call. This makes the users unable to receive the call and the iPhone X display not waking up, users can’t even find a way to dismiss the call. Some users say the display screen doesn’t come back to normal after they remove the phone away from their ear while some users say that the red button becomes unresponsive and they can’t hang up.

Unresponsive screen in cold temperature

People have reported that the iPhone X screen becomes unresponsive in cold weather. According to the reports, the screen starts getting freeze when it’s taken at a cold temperature. It can’t stand cold weather which will temporarily freeze the screen. After few seconds it comes back to normal. In this regard, Apple has confirmed that they are aware of the issue and they will address this issue in the upcoming software update. The software update iOS 11.1.2 addressed this issue where the iPhone screen display will stop responding after a rapid temperature drop. Apple has made it clear with the update that iPhones may not function in temperature below 0 Degree or above 35C.

Face ID hacked

A number of stories claimed that people got their Face ID hacked and you can unlock someone’s phone easily. There were a number of videos on YouTube that showed how identical twins were able to unlock the iPhone. In most cases, identical twins or family members might be able to unlock the phone. There was another video where a 10-year-old boy was able to unlock his mother’s iPhone X to which Apple recommended that children should not be using Face ID feature as it’s still developing. Moreover, it has also advised people with similar features not to use the phone as they might be able to unlock the Face ID. This feature can be a threat to the privacy of a user which Apple needs to fix as soon as possible.

Face Id Hack

Hair pulling

This is a very random and strange complaint we’ve come across. Apparently, some iPhone X users have complained that they are facing the issue of hair pulling when the phone is up to the ear. It seems like the iPhone is attracted to long hair and beards. The iPhone X mute switch bezel and a gap can pull out your hair and it looks like a real problem for the iPhone users, and they are not happy with it. A similar issue has been experienced by the old iPhone users. A quick fix is to cover your phone with a case if you’re getting your hair pulled.

Speaker buzzing issue

Apparently, some of the iPhone X users have complained that they are experiencing buzzing sound and distortion from the speakers. Many users have been tweeting about the crackling sound they hear when they turn up the volume and many have confirmed they have been experiencing the same or even worse. It’s expected that Apple will resolve the issue with a new software release.


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