Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes

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iSkysoft offers you the best platforms and experience that iphone is disabled connected to iTunes for iPhone due to entering wrong pass code for more than 10 days (if your phone is permanently Is disabled). Before you can be warned with the screen message, try ‘try again in x minutes since the iPhone is disabled’. Once you exceed the wrong attempts, you close your device.

The iSkysoft tries to unlock an iPhone or iPad multiple times, the iPhone is inactive, it will indefinitely populate the iTunes message. An iPhone will be disabled for security reasons – otherwise, hackers sit there and try every prohibited collection unless they can come in. But because your iPhone is inactive does not mean that someone has tried to disable your device without permission.

An iPhone or iPad may be disabled if the child rotates and stops. In order to forget your iPhone password, it is also possible that you get lost inactive with an inactive phone due to entering multiple digits and connecting iTunes. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this problem. How to fix the inactive iPhone using iTunes, iCloud, or Recovery mode.

Iphone Is Disabled Connect To Itunes

Why Is My iPhone Disabled?

Let us know iSkysoft that six different passcode code attempts failed. This means that you can try to open your device five times earlier. On vacation, your phone will be disabled for a minute. The seventh attempt will turn you off with your disabled iPhone for five minutes, try the tenth for the eighth and the eighth and for the ninth minute. But if you reach the number ten and still do not enter the correct passcode, you will receive a message that your phone is inactive. Connect to iTunes. Unless, of course, you have an iPhone set that has ten pass pass code attempts failed.

How Do I Unlock My iPhone If It Is Disabled?

You can finish your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud, but I’ve recommended to use iTunes as it always works if you describe this method. If you use iCloud, you need to know your Apple ID and password, and connect your iPhone to the Internet. Using iTunes is the simplest, easy way, but I’ll explain how to do it.

Do you easily find an inactive iPhone or iPad unlock iTunes without having to safely and safely? If your iPhone or iPad is disabled after typing a wrong password, for many time, there is a new device to unlock your phone without iTunes. This is a new way or device to disable passive iPhone in which iSkysoft can be called iSkysoft can easily make your iOS device uninterrupted when you enter your phone pass code for several times. And your phone is turned off. The feature “Disabled Passive iPhone / iPad” in iSkysoft can effectively how to unlock your iPhone without iTunes, if your iPhone / iPad closes.

Unlock Disabled iPhone without iTunes

  • iSkysoft offers a great feature for you inactive unlock instant iPhone. This feature lets you open an inactive iPhone with easy clicks.
  • Supports unlocked, disabled and iOS devices unlocked with iSkysoft breakscreen.
  • iSkysoft can unlock iPhones with 4 digits and 6 digits pass codecs, touch IDs and face IDs.
  • iSkysoft is attributed to the highest success rate, and no user has ever complained about this software


Non-essential, extra test testing and error process is recommended to determine the iSkysoft Support Article, which is used to make your iPhone use your computer with non-relating to your relationship with your computer. Restore the method. If you do not understand this, proceed ahead – so I say it’s very complicated! I do not really have any difference in the way to suggest your iPhone proposal (in fact, may be beneficial), and it always works.

When I suspended your iPhone, I recommend that the DFO be restored. I have written an article that describes how to restore your iPhone to DFU. Follow the instructions of this article (it’s easy!) And come back here when you’re doing. Go to this section that is set to your iPhone, then you can use the iTunes to restore the DFU again.

iPhone is Enabled!

iSkysoft is very helpful to enable your iPhone running and running and you’ve come to know common reasons why iPhones are inactive in the first place. If your phone is inactive again, you know how to fix it.

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