The iPhone 8 is definitely one of the most awaited devices in the upcoming year keeping in mind that Apple is gearing up pretty much for this new offering which will mark the 10th anniversary of their iPhone line-up of previous smartphones. And it seems that the tech giants are going over the board to make the upcoming iPhone 8, their standout device since the introduction of the iPhone line-up.

10 years ago, Apple founder Steve Jobs laid special stress on the fact that the iPhone devices have no need of a stylus. With Jobs gone, Apple might just be looking to change things up a tad bit owing to a large amount of competition from fellow premium device manufacturers like Samsung and LG who have introduced their stylus-based devices. Apple is seen filing for a patent that would make use of a stylus for the iPhone.

The iPhone 8 may very well feature Dual sim card slots according to patents filed by the tech firm.

Now, well before a year of the iPhone 8’s upcoming launch, the device is becoming the centre of similar rumours like in the case of their previous flagship, iPhone 7. Just a while back we saw rumours surface that the device will include support for the Apple Pencil. Now, just like rumours of a dual-SIM device, a patent has surfaced which shows Apple’s plans for the feature. The Apple Pencil will add a lot to the iPhone’s functionality. It’ll open a special menu just as it’s moved closer to the screen. The Pencil will also allow users to access certain items from the lock screen as well.

United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO currently holds a patent, approved by Apple, for a dual-SIM technology with a couple of individual antennas. The patent specifies the technology used to work with two SIM cards. It also details how to define the priority between them. The description states that the card actively used for a call will have the priority over the one that is used for data. This will be a first for the line-up as the previous iPhones did not have the dual-sim facility, one which is quite a necessity at this point where keeping multiple numbers have become a requisite for people.

While these patents are exciting for people who use their phones extensively, it is still unclear if Apple with implement them. The patents might not even make their appearances in the upcoming iPhone 8 at all and might well be preserved for the future, much more advanced devices to come from the tech firm in subsequent years.

The iPhone 8 is pegged to surface late in 2017, preferably in November going by Apple’s launch pattern but no concrete news of the same has been obtained yet regarding when this device will actually be rolled out by Apple.

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