iPhone 8: May Feature Intel Processor and OLED Display

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iPhone 8

iPhone 8: The launch of iPhone 7 is less than a month away. And rumours about the next flagship is already booming all across the internet. Two most significant news that emerged recently is that we can see the Intel Inside the iPhone. Another rumour suggests that Apple will be releasing a specialised version of iPhone 8 that’ll feature an OLED display while the other variants will stick to traditional LCD screen technology.

iPhone 8
Rumour is three iPhone 8 models will be launched next year.

iPhone 8 Will Have Three Variants?

Update: As per Gsmarena, iPhone 8 will come in three sizes, and it’ll sport a glass back ditching the aluminium rear. The glass back will be supplied by Biel Crystal Manufactory and Lens Technology from China. Other key iPhone assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry, also known as Foxconn Technology Group, and its subsidiaries have been working to develop glass backs, but it’s unlikely that they‘ll secure the order. The metal frame will hold the two glasses in front and back. We are yet to learn what material the company will be using but the publication claims it’ll either be aluminium or stainless steel. Speaking of the size, along with 4.7″ and 5.5″, there’ll be a 5” version too. Since iPhone 8 is rumoured to feature wireless charging, it only makes sense that it’ll have glass backs.

Original story:

Although Intel Inside an Apple device is unlikely. But Intel can manufacture Apple’s A11 processor that’ll power the iPhone 8. Intel has announced that they are now open to the foundries to companies like Apple that make ARM processor. Intel said: “Our 10 nm design platform for foundry customers will now offer access to ARM Artisan physical IP, including POP IP, based on the most advanced ARM cores and Cortex series processors. Optimizing this technology for Intel’s 10 nm process means that foundry customers can take advantage of the IP to achieve best-in-class PPA (power, performance, area) for power-efficient, high-performance implementations of their designs for mobile, IoT, and other consumer applications.”

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Speaking of the specialised iPhone 8 version according to Hendi Susanto, a research analyst at Gabelli & Co, the handset will feature OLED display. He also informs, only the Plus version will sport OLED display. Susanto said to Barrons: “Speculation regarding the potential adoption of OLED displays by Apple continues to dominate major discussions with investors. The current speculation anticipates Apple’s adoption of OLED displays in its iPhone in 2017 or 2018. We believe that Apple can adopt OLED displays sooner rather than later by pursuing a partial adoption and incorporating it in a specialised edition of a new iPhone version.”

Many tech gurus think that the iPhone 8 will go through a complete revamp. The launch of the phone is set in September 2017, and it’ll mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

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