iPhone 8 May Feature Facial Recognition Unlock and Motion Gesture Application Access

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Apple’s iPhone 8 is probably one of the most talked about upcoming smartphones in the world today and considering the fact that the release date of Apple‘s next flagship has been pushed back to 2018, there isn’t a doubt about the fact that the devices is slated to sport revolutionary ramp ups from the iPhone 7 variants. Now there have been many rumours and speculations surrounding the iPhone 8 with the device already pegged to feature the latest advancements in technology and the latest reports regarding the device do point at certain exclusive features with the device is slated to sport once rolled out by the Cupertino-based firm.

Facial Recognition Software

The most recent developments revolving around the iPhone 8 is the inclusion of a facial recognition software to unlock your device. Most of the premium smartphones of today sport fingerprint scanners with iris scanners also being a possibility ofthe future. The iPhone 8’s front camera, which is slated to be a 9MP shooter is expected to play a vital part in the new security feature of the iPhone enabling the device to take an instant picture of the person trying to unlock the device and tally it with the images in the database.

iphone 8 may

The software incorporated uses high-end facial metric recognition allowing the device to recognise different photos of the same person. Further, the software is also slated to feature the property of storing up to three pictures in the database allowing a maximum of three persons to get access to the device via the facial recognition software. This security feature about to be incorporated in the iPhone 8 forms an integral part of the functionality of the device making it child-proof and free from unwanted access.

Motion Gestures

The iPhone 8 will also reportedly feature motion controls which will allow the user to access a host of different applications using motion gestures. This functionality was previously spotted in quite a number of smartphones before like the Moto G4 Plus from Motorola but reports state that the detail level of the gesture controls would be specific and highly user-friendly. For example, turning on the device torch would require shaking the device twice vertically while accessing the music player would require drawing a ‘M’ mid-air with the device. The Cupertino-based tech firm is slated to introuduce motion gestures for every single application exclusively. Now that would be an extremely convenient feature in situations like business meetings but with one slight drawback. Remembering every gesture for every application, might just be a slight hassle.

The iPhone 8 is definitely slated to be one of the best smartphones ever rolled out by Apple and certainly overtake any of the other smartphones by other tech concerns. With the iPhone 7s variants pegged for a September 2017 release, we are definitely expecting the iPhone 8 to surface sometime in 2018. Apple’s discrete policies pertaining to the launch of their upcoming devices have been concrete and we would have to wait for more news regarding the iPhone 8 for now.

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