iPhone 8 could Come with Support for AR Technology

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iPhone 8

iPhone 8: Rumors about Apple’s upcoming revelations for 2017 are reaching a crescendo, and as the time for the assumed September unveilings closes in on us, there is hardly any feature of the brand new iPhone 8 that has been overlooked. This despite the fact that we are not even sure if that’s what Apple will call their anniversary edition flagship smartphone.

Tim Cook and analysts’ reports spark rumors about the iPhone 8 coming with some next level AR tech. Image Courtesy: TechCrunch.

Regardless, the newest focus of interest for Apple fanatics happens to be the company’s take on the mixed reality space. Trust Apple to do things differently because as the world is trying to gain advantage of the rising VR tech, the Cupertino-based company reportedly has Augmented Reality in mind. And this has given rise to speculations that the iPhone 8, that is the September 2017 edition of the iPhone will come with some next level AR technology.

iPhone 8

The news of this possibility started floating around after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had spokenpositively about the future of AR in smartphones. In a recentinterview, hehad stated his preference for the technology over VR as it offers people a better form of reality while the latter, with its big headsets, are rather restrictive. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, does not seek to disconnect consumers from the world around them. But while Cook’s interest in AR was enough to fuel speculations, the information has been fortified by some notable predictions by leading analysts.

After Ming-Chi Kuo had earlier predicted that Apple would be way ahead of rival tech companies in the field of AR, Simona Jankowski of Goldman Sackshas now said that the implementation of the technology in the upcoming iPhone 8 looks increasingly likely. And this, the analyst adds, will be a “key differentiator” for the celebratory edition of the iPhone. Considering Apple’s foray with AR in the past, this does make a lot of sense. The advent and marked success of Niantic’s much talked about AR mobile game Pokemon GO earlier last year may have also given a significant push for Cook’s plans in this direction. And investing in good AR tech also has its advantages, as it would eliminate the need to come up with additional hardware. With AR, you can simply hold up your iPhone 8 and see the desired or available information overlayed directly onthe objects.

So what do you think? Will Apple incorporate a nifty new AR technology in the iPhone 8? And to find out more about what we can expect from Apple’s 2017 iPhone, follow this link.

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