iPhone 7: With the probable September launch of iPhone 7 coming closer, fans are worried about the recent rumours that the handset will not sport the regular 3.5mm headphone jack. Which means that your current headphone will not work with the upcoming iPhone 7. Anyhow, there’s a rumour that the phone will come with Lightning EarPods.


Apple is expected to create a unique accessory for iPhone 7 in place of the headphone. So people are expecting that the company will come up with something wireless, like ear pods. The news of earpads may be more than just speculation. There is news floating around that Apple has filed for AirPods, which might just be a set of wireless headphones. It’s worth noting that even if Apple is filing for AirPods, it’s not clear when the company might be planning to launch the device.

The trademark was first discovered in October and was filed by a company that is said to a shell company which is operated by Apple. This is not too unusual because Apple is known to register trademarks quietly all the time and has used shell companies to file for iPad, CarPlay and iWatch trademarks. Rumour is that the AirPods trademark is presently going through the USPTO review progress and as far as we’ve heard, Apple has requested documents. And last week, responding to a January request from the examiner, Apple had filed all necessary paperwork.

According to MacRumors, the amendment came out just one day before the six-month deadline expires, “indicating Apple remains interested in protecting the name but suggesting it is interested in stretching out the review process as long as possible with no product yet released.” The process goes like this – a Statement of Use needs to be filed to prove the name is being used. The document must be deposited within six months of the trademark after the trademark is granted.

So we are hoping that Apple might release AirPods along with iPhone 7 this year or in near-future. We hope the ear pods will work with other devices as well.

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