iPhone 7, the much-awaited phone for the world is going to be released on today (7th September) on the Apple event 2016. There have been a lot of rumours about this iPhone and now the time is coming as the event time is closing with every minute passes by. Today we are confirming the update the show stopper of today’s Apple event will be the iPhone 7 but even before a few weeks there turmoil in the media.

Some websites have already leaked some images of the iPhone 7 and surprisingly detailed out some designs referring that Apple will release three variants of the iPhone 7- iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro! Still now there has been no such event where Apple unveiled three phones together! If this happens, then it’s going to be a history of the Apple’s calendar!

Another news is covering the clouds of rumours. And that is the Apple Watch 2 will also be released on the same event! What else do you want? Three iPhone, one Apple watch and a brand new mobile OS- iOS 10 altogether to make a boom!

iPhone 7, three variants on the Screen 

Three possible variants have been spotted in different leaks. We also have received an image from a trusted source. Here the images are. The right one is the iPhone 7 Plus while the left one is the iPhone 7. The “Plus” model gets dual camera setup while other two get single camera setup like iPhone 6 and 6S.

iPhone 7 release date and events and variants

iPhone 7 preorder may start on 15th September from Amazon.com and the exclusive Apple stores around the world!

Apple updates its Twitter

After a long time, Apple has updated finally its social networking site. Have a look below to get a glimpse of it-

The update itself that this is going to be something huge for Apple lovers around the world. They have mentioned it as the “special event”. We are going to cover each moment of this special event- especially where iPhone 7 will be unveiled!

Apple Store showing something really cool ahead of the iPhone 7 launch

See the GIF given below. It’s now showing in all Apple stores around the world. Apple itself marketing its next flagship, iPhone 7 and one thing for your information- if you register tomorrow in any Apple store you will get your iPhone 7 without any hassle. So book your device as soon as possible after the launch. We will update here about how you can book your iPhone 7 once it’s launched.

Apple event, iPhone 7 release

iPhone 7 Features Recall From the leaks

Let’s have a quick recall of the features of the iPhone 7. Several leaks have reported some changes like replacement of 3.5 mm head jack and comparatively shorter screen size- 4.7 inches and pressure sensitive home button.

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