iPhone 7 Plus or Pro: Leaked Images Show Smart Connector and Mute Button

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iPhone 7 Plus or Pro

A leaked picture of the iPhone 7 Plus or Pro has emerged online. It was posted on theChina-based social site Weibo.The iPhone 7 Plus or Pro is the bigger version of the yet-to-release iPhone 7. Following the trend ofiPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus that came before it, the iPhone 7 will featurea 5.5-inch display, according to the image. Although we are not sure if the leaked imageisreal of fake.

It’s impossible to know what Apple is planning since the company is notoriously secretive for all its project. Judging by the rumours that have emerged in the last couple of days, a new iPhone will come out this year and will have some minor design tweaks compared to the iPhone 6S. There’ll be a slight redesign of the chassis and movement of the device’s antenna lines which helps it connect to cellular networks to the edges. As far as we know, iPhone 7 could be planning multiple versions of the handset including standard iPhone 7, an iPhone 7 Plus, and probably, an iPhone 7 Pro.

iPhone 7 Plus

Of course, Apple has refused to comment on the leaks. But many tech gurus are pretty sure that the pictures could be that of a potential ‘Pro’ variant. According to the above picture, there’s a dual camera which is rumoured to be only planned for the high-end Apple iPhone that the company plans to launch this year.

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In addition to these, the handset image seems to have eliminated the mute button. This isn’t anything new for Apple because iPad and iPad Pro too doesn’t have the mute button and comes with a Smart Connector. It allows users to connect accessories to the tablet, including the physical keyboards. In fact, the Smart Connector is one of the main highlights of the device which isn’t present in any other Apple devices. We think this particular feature will eventually make its way to other Apple devices.

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