iPhone 7 offically announced today with Water Resistant Feature

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iPhone 7

The latest addition to Apple‘s flagship iPhone line, the iPhone 7 has been officially launched today and it packs in quite a lot of features. And one of the main highlights of the phone is its water-resisting capability which means that exposure to a certain limited amount of water is most unlikely to do any harm to the high-priced premium smartphone.

Apple had not advertised water-resistant capabilities in any of the previous smartphones in the iPhone line, and while those devices were splash resistant, water submersion was something those phones wouldn’t have probably survived. However, all that has changed with the announcement of the iPhone 7 just a few minutes back which sports an IPX7 water-resistant feature which is the same as the Apple Watch. On account of this feature, the device will be waterproof to a depth of 1m up to a time of 30 minutes.

This has brought the new device in competition with Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S7 which also sports the same feature. Now, Apple users won’t have to worry too much if the phone accidentally falls into a swimming pool or a bucket of water in the bathroom.

Pretty Cool.

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