iPhone 7 News and Reports; will the new phone be called the “iPhone 7”?

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iPhone 7 News and Reports

We told you earlier that the iPhone 7 will see a remarkable change in the home button design compared to the earlier versions of the flagship device. Now reports from notable sources are confirming that the new iPhone will certainly do away with the device’s very outdated home button. But that’s not all they say.


The newest report comes from Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, who says that the new iPhone will come equipped with “more advanced photography capabilities and upgraded hardware in a design similar to that of last year’s models”. These two mentions bring to mind foremost the much talked about dual camera feature as well as the implementation of a newly designed touch-sensitive home button that will provide haptic feedback for a feeling similar to an actual physical home button.

The report also confirms that the new iPhone will ditch the headphone jack and replace normal headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. We had reported on a rumour earlier that the new iPhone was likely to come with wireless Lightning Earpods– that seems like quite a possibility now. Gurman’s report also cites the fact that Apple had started making headphones that can connect via the iPhone’s charger connector in 2014, thus hinting at another connectivity option for the new device’s headphones. The removal of the jack would make way for an additional speaker.

 Now coming to the camera, the dual camera set up will be a part of the larger, 5.5-inch version of the new iPhone, and they will allow users to take pictures simultaneously in different coloured set ups, thus resulting in a brighter set of photos, especially in low-light situations. It also states that the dual cameras are meant to be working simultaneously on the new device, unlike the cameras on the LG G5. Much like Huawei’s P9, the new iPhone may use both cameras at the same time to put the two shots together digitally to weave one high-quality photograph.

Interestingly, however, Gurman refrains from using the term iPhone 7 in his report, instead choosing to call it “the new iPhone.” We are familiar with Apple’s “tick-tock” design cycle- whereas a “tick” year calls for a drastic change in terms of design and upgrades, a “tock” year usually sees a more modest addition to the line. With this year being a “tock” year and with Apple’s tenth year anniversary coming up in 2017, many are wondering if the title of “iPhone 7” is being reserved for what we laymen are excitedly calling the “iPhone 8”.

Truth be told, the new series might seem more like an ‘S’ upgrade, and sources say that the new phones will indeed look similar to the iPhone 6 and 6S, albeit with some differences, while the iPhone 8 will be big on design changes like a new glass design body, and a bigger OLED display.

The 2016 version of the iPhone will run iOS 10. The phones are slated for release sometime around September 12, and they may be on the market as early as the week after that.

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