iPhone 7: New Leaked Video Reveals Large Camera, No headphone jack

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iPhone 7

Fans are getting excited as more hints of a possible launch of iPhone 7 is looming on the horizon. With the expected launch in September getting closer, more and more leaks of the Apple devicekeep coming. A recent leaked iPhone 7 video was posted on Weibo. The extended video of a purported iPhone 7 unit has revealed some new and exciting features of iPhone 7.

As you can see in the above video, it’s a 4.7-inch model that seems to come with a larger camera, no headphones jack andredesigned antenna lines. The phones share many design characteristics with that of iPhone 6.

In fact, the unit looks pretty much like the iPhone 6 in a Space Grey metal and comes with a camera bulge. The camera looks like it’s embedded into the metal body of the with a smooth curvyedge. And regarding position, it’s closer to the edge than that of existing iPhone 6s. The camera hole size is at least 25% larger which just implies significant upgrade on the camera is in the cards.

In the video, you can also view the new antenna lines which appear sleeker than the current design. Instead of stretching across the back of the phone, the antenna line adorns thetop and bottom edges leaving the back only for Apple logo and camera.

And speaking of dimension, the iPhone 7 seems to have some new changes inheight, width and thickness. The most striking change is the lack of headphone jack. This will help the phone, according to some rumours, bewaterproof and dust-proof.

The leaked video doesn’t speak of any internal features but the upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to comes with a new generation of Apple’s processor – the A10 – which will be powerful than its predecessors. Rumour is that there’s an increase in RAM from 2 GB to 3 GB and many sources agree that Apple will finally ditch the 16 GB base storage and start with 32 GB with a 256 GB high-end option.

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