iPhone 7 may come without the traditional 3.5 mm jack port

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iPhone 7

Only a month and a half left before Apple finally unveils the hugely anticipated iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Although the upcoming flagship will not be the most exciting handset Apple has ever produced, if we take the craziness regarding the phone granted, it will surely fall under the best-selling smartphones in the company’s history. As the iPhone 7 release date coming closer and closer, the rumors and the leaked photos about the phone is storming the internet with each passing day.

According to the latest speculation, the US-based tech conglomerate is going to ditch the standard 3.5 mm headphone socket in the upcoming iPhone 7. A YouTube user named as EverythingApplesPro uploaded a video on YouTube on this rumored feature of the device and also described how Apple’s new EarPods would connect to the upcoming flagship device without the help of 3.5mm jack.

iPhone 7

The handset EverythingApplesPro used in his video looked like an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S and connected the EarPods with in-line volume rocker and pause/play buttons, to the phone, via the Lightning port instead of the traditional 3.5mm adapter. Although the question arises about the iPhone 7 EarPods, as the headphone has not been launched officially and as per our guess that could be a third-party product.

Albeit the speculation remains about the authenticity of the EarPods, the chances of Apple incorporating new technology in the upcoming iPhone 7 are huge. The sole reason for removing the traditional 3.5mm port and adopting the Lightning port technology is to save space of the handset which could make way for a larger battery or lead to a thinner handset. The modern day handsets demand a huge battery, especially the amount of juice the display sucks away with minimal usage.

Moreover, the 3.5mm jack is a primitive (first introduced in the late 70s’) as well as not the best option for audio quality. So this new technology will also help to boost the Hi-Fi sound which Apple was trying to include in their handsets.

If Apple releases the iPhone 7 with this new technology, they won’t be the first company to introduce it for the first time. The Chinese smartphone making company LeEco launched three new smartphones this year, and all come with a USB Type-C headphone connection rather than the 3.5mm jack. As per the company claims, this USB Type-C headphone has fixed the problems of poor sound separation and lossless audio with the brand new audio transcoding and transmission technology.

Although these are only speculations and welcoming this new technology will be a hugely contentious process, taking into the consideration the amount of headphones and audio equipment people have already spent money on. But as September approaches, more solid leaks regarding the iPhone 7 have started to filter through.

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