Despite Apple being extremely tight-lipped about their upcoming iPhone 7, the device that is yet to actually surface has sparked a ridiculous amount of interest and speculation on every possible front, ranging from any addition (or removal) that may feature in the new phone to its potential launch date. To add fuel to the already raging fire, a new video has surfaced on YouTube, which features a comparative analysis of a dummy model of the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 6s. However, the analysis is restricted to the looks of the upcoming phone for obvious reasons.


The video which is a little over a minute long corroborates many of the rumours that have been doing the rounds ever since the phone has come to public attention. Among them, we can prominently see that the new phone has done away with the usual 3.5 mm headphone jack, which will most likely be replaced by an additional speaker grille in the same place. It can also be noted that the antenna lines running along the back of the phone have been moved to the side of the device.

Also worth noting is the new camera design on the iPhone 7 in the video. The camera module on the iPhone 7 is substantially larger and with a more pronounced bump than the camera found on the iPhone 6s. This may hint at an incredible leap forward in camera technology which may be a key selling point for Apple’s next-gen smartphone. It has also been rumoured that the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 Plus model may feature a dual camera system. But the regular model may also sport an incredible camera feature if we are to believe the reports of generally well-informed bloggers.

While we know that the iPhone 7 that we see in the video is just a dummy, the host of the video claims that the dummy unit came straight from a supply chain partner. If that is to be believed, then this video may be the best idea that we could have about the exterior design features of the new phone. Besides the above-mentioned differences, the two models actually look quite similar.

But as we all know, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case,in a real iPhone 7. So as promising as this video looks, we still have to wait to find out how exactly Apple delivers on its fans’ sky-high expectations.

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