IOTransfer 3 Review – An Easier Data Management Software for iPhone/iPad Users

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iPhone/iPad Users

IOTransfer 3 Review: It is an incontestable fact that the devices and products introduced by Apple are distinctive in terms of their key features and performances, and no other devices on the market meet the singularity of the Apple devices. However, if you have an iPod, iPad or, an iPhone, you are required to manage the files and install file management software on your Mac computer or PC to transfer and manage the files.

Apple devices are compatible with iTunes but, not everyone has the luxury to access iTunes due to its limited usability. iTunes is definitely not the safest and easiest option for everyone, which is why there is a need to introduce software, which could be substituted for iTunes in terms of its usability and performance.

IOTransfer 3 Overview

The IOTranfer 3 is introduced as iPhone transfer software, which is comparatively easier to access as opposed to iTunes. The easy-to-use and easy-to-access file management software enables you to manage and transfer files to a PC from your iOS device. If you are a long-term Apple user, you might have learned it the hard way that iTunes is challenging to use for transferring media files to PC and vice versa; however, the IOTransfer 3 is easier to use for the purpose of transferring your data from your Apple devices to a computer.

Additionally, the IOTransfer 3 entertains a number of exclusive features, which are yet not available on iTunes. The software enables its users to synchronize its files between PC and iOS devices, without any internet or Wi-Fi. You can also transfer your files without using any sort of a data transfer cable.

The software also allows you to download videos to your iPhone from several video streaming websites, and it allows you to convert video files into a file format of your choice. You can also use the converter option to convert the videos into audio files.

Key features of IOTransfer 3:

Before we continue with the complete, we would like to highlight the key features of IOTransfer 3:

  • One-click transfer from iOS to PC and vice versa.
  • Transfer and manage files between PC and iOS devices
  • Eradicate junk files from your iOS devices to free storage space
  • Download videos from several websites to your Apple devices
  • Convert videos to other formats.

Excellent for organizing and managing photos and videos

iPhone is known for its high-resolution camera and high capacity; however, you will be required to transfer your files to PC at some point to retain the internal storage of the device. IOTranfer 3 is considered to be an excellent option for organizing and managing photos and videos from your iOS devices. IOTransfer 3 is equipped with an integrated photo management tool which enables you to facilitate the transfer of files between your iOS device and PC. You can add or remove multiple files at a time.

Ideal for organizing music

A majority of the people consider downloading and installing iTunes on their computers for transferring music files to their iOS devices. However, setting up and learning how to use iTunes could be time-consuming, and it deprives the users of the luxury of listening to music on their iPhones or iPods. IOTransfer 3 allows you to transfer and organize music to your iOS devices without any hassle. It also allows you to transfer metadata to your Apple devices.

Downloads and converts videos for you

IOTransfer 3 Review

The IOTransfer 3 is considered to be an excellent tool for transferring videos to your iOS devices. It also allows you to download and transfer videos to your iPhone or iPod. You can use the software from download videos from any website, and then, you can use the video converter option to convert the video file into any video or audio format.

AirTrans—it transfers files over Wi-Fi

When the key features of the IOTransfer were speculated to the users of iPhone, it was teased that the software would feature AirTrans, which would allow its users to transfer files using a wireless connection. Using this unique feature, you are no longer required to use a data cable to transfer files between your iPhone and PC.

IOTransfer 3 Review:

The software is designed to scan all iOS devices, which are connected to a similar Wi-Fi connection, and it enlists it so you could use it in the future. Next, you are simply required to use the IOTransfer AirTrans APP to scan the corresponding QR to connect the devices immediately. Once you have set up this feature, you can use it to transfer files between an iPhone and PC without any wired connection.

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