iOS 11: Updated Siri, Dark Mode, Dynamic Keypad and Better Maps Said to Be On The Cards

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The latest iteration of Apple’s own operating system will be called the iOS 11 and it will be released by the second week of September this year. The iOS 11 will be the star of all the products and software previewed at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) which kicks off on June 6, 2017. On the same day, the developer beta version will be made available. The star vehicle of the iOS 11 will be the tenth generation Apple iPhone 8.

A Better Siri

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The iOS 11 will be a significant upgrade of the features currently available. It will pack a punch to Siri, the much-loved AI assistant. Siri has been the highlight of Apple’s iPhone line-up and subsequent iOS versions have brought in significant developments for Apple’s virtual assistant. The upcoming iteration of Apple’s operating system is slated to bear significant upgrades over its predecessor by incorporating a Search by Typing feature. The feature is all the more important in scenarios like meetings where an out-loud Siri might cause an inconvenience. The new feature which the OS is slated to sport enables Siri to take commands via text, in turn, replying via text itself. Somewhat similar to like Google’s Allo software. With the iOS 10, Apple also launched the personal assistant program on their Macbooks. The iOS 11 will bring a lot more advancements to Siri, making it, in effect, ‘smarter.’ The Cupertino-based tech giant has now opened up Siri for third party applications as well. This functionality would enable the AI program to manage non-apple apps like Whatsapp and WeChat and perform operations with voice control instructions.

Dynamic Keypad Which Senses Your Finger Movement!

Apple was recently granted a patent which covered a large amount of ground in new technology. Experts suggest that it is the new finger-detecting dynamic keyboard, where the keys are placed in the order of the detected finger positions. The United States Patent no. 9,489,086, tentatively called finger hover detection, which can be seen here, lays down the concept in detail. The typing of the user will be improved and substantially enhanced by the new feature. It dynamically and automatically positions the keyboard and the individual keys in accordance with the hovering of fingers over them. It will aid in typing without looking for the keys directly. This new feature will also aid in more correct typing as well. The patent was granted and subsequently published in November 2016.

Better Maps For The iOS 11

The Apple Maps fiasco in 2012 led Apple to make caution the buzzword for the future. It had led to a reported loss of $30 billion. The iOS 10 too had got excellent mapping features. With the Apple iOS 11 on the horizon, the only direction in which the mapping section can go is up. With Apple using drones to aid in indoor mapping, it remains to be seen how much competition Apple maps can give to Google’s own mapping features.

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