Introduction To Best Big Data Certification Available In The Market

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Introduction To Best Big Data Certification Available In The Market: There are numerous Big Data Certification that are currently available through some of the best certification institutes – whether it is Hortonworks, SAS, Microsoft or even DASCA. Each of them is competing in the market and are doing good in terms of courses and certifications offered.

So how do you choose which one is best for you and decide which one to let go off? Depending on the role you want to play in the big data industry whether of data scientist, big data analyst, big data engineer, big data architect you can choose the certification bodies to enroll yourself and then take it forward from there.

Now let’s find out more about the certification institutes.

Best Big Data Certifications For Your Career Growth

Certifications are a third party validation of your skills and qualifications thus assuring recruiters that you are dedicated to your profession. Here are some of the top big data certifications that you may like to look at —

  1. Hortonworks: Hortonworks is a good choice if you are looking for certifications in big data and especially in big data analytics. Hortonworks offers six certifications – take your pick and get ready to crack in the big data industry.
  2. Cloudera: Cloudera Certifications offer specific Cloudera Certified Data Analyst Certifications that will enable you to get that job both at an entry level and at a senior level.
  3. DASCA: DASCA or Data Science Council of America offers two major Big Data Analytics Certifications to the professionals. DASCA also offers two major big data science certifications. The certifications come with certain prerequisite criteria to be fulfilled before applying for certifications.
  4. SAS Certifications: SAS Global Certification Program offers numerous certifications in the field of Big Data. You can pick your choice. However, you need to use SAS applications.

Data Scientist Skills You Need To Acquire

As a big data scientist, you need to possess a multidisciplinary armory of skills. So what all should you be able to do as a big data scientist? Here is a list of skills.

  1. Write code to collect and clean the data.
  2. Run a statistical analysis to understand whether it can be used to solve the problem at hand.
  3. Build predictive analysis models with the help of the data
  4. Visualize your findings in an attractive and effective way.

The above-mentioned skills are the basic skills that you need to become a big data scientist. However, there are other technical skills that are a prerequisite to becoming a big data scientist.

The technical skills are further divided into two parts – Analytics and Computer Science. Each of these further have more divisions that are again required to become a big data scientist. Let’s see what skills and qualifications come under analytics and what comes under computer science.

Data Scientist Qualifications That You Must Possess

So Analytics comprises of Education and the languages like SAS or R. Coming to the educational qualifications you need to have a Master’s degree & Ph.D. in mathematics and statistics (these are a must for Data Scientist) followed by master’s degree in computer science and engineering.

You can also pursue a career in data engineering as the big data engineer. While SAS and R are the languages that are required for data scientist role, R is the most prevalent in the industry and you need to be proficient in that.

In computer science, these are the skills you need to proficient with if you want to build your career in big data industry.

  • Python coding
  • Apache Hadoop
  • SQL Database/
  • Coding unstructured data

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