For patients who are suffering from certain diseases or disorders a special type of therapy is recommended. This goes by the name of bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplant. In this procedure, the cells are filtered and then handed over back to the donor. The objective of this surgery is that the healthy bone marrow cells replace the unhealthy ones.

When is a bone marrow transplant required?

This is a form of procedure which is needed when radiation or chemotherapy has damaged the bone marrow cells. It could also be needed when a disease has gone on to destroy the bone marrow. This form of transplant is sorted when

  • A bone marrow is replaced with a genetic functionally health bone marrow. The main reason why this is undertaken so that genetic progression does not eradicate the disease
  • A non-functioning bone marrow is being replaced with a healthy one. It is needed when treatment of specific conditions are required

The types of bone marrow transplants

Bone marrow transplants that are needed which is dependent on the donor

  • Allogeneic– In this type of donor a genetic type of donor that is pretty much similar to the needs of a patient. The stem cells are being taken from a genetic matching donor. The donors could be their own blood relatives as well
  • Unrelated– here matched stem cells at a genetic level or marrow is provided. In fact there are national registries where you can get hold of such donors
  • Umbilical cord transplant– the moment an infant is delivered it is known that the stem cells are being taken from the umbilical cord.
  • Autologous– in this form of bone marrow transplant the patient itself is considered to be a donor. The cells are handed over back to the patients once it is frozen. The process goes by the name of rescue.

Which are the categories of people who need bone marrow transplant?

For certain valid reasons a bone marrow transplant may be required. In fact this form of transplant is provided to those

  • An individual who is suffering from a genetic disease that is going to have an impact on the various other organs of the body
  • In case of patients the bone marrow could be damaged by chemotherapy or radiation that is prone to be treated by cancer
  • Patients whose bone marrow cells work out to be abnormal and defective
  • Patients who are in good condition irrespective of their related association

The bone marrow is dependent on the ability of a patient to withstand certain form of medications. It has to be stated that preparation of the treatment would involve high doses of chemotherapy or radiation.

The blood cells are being produced by the bone marrow. The marrow tends to become empty and it does stop cell production. It has to be taken into consideration that the new cells do require an empty bone marrow to grow. In hindsight they could go on to establish as new cells. The bone marrow transplant in India is popular as it is a cost effective procedure.

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