Insidious Chapter 4 Pegged to Release in 2017 Will Take Viewers Back To Elise’s Beginnings

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Insidious Chapter 4

Insidious Chapter 4: James Wan and Leigh Whannell’sInsidioushorror franchise has had quite a lot of takers owing to the frequent chills-down-the-spine moments the films have offered and Insidious Chapter 4 is pegged to be no different. A big news surrounding the forthcoming movie is thatAdam Robitel (“The Taking of Deborah Logan”) will direct the upcoming movie from a script by franchise co-creator Leigh Whannell, who directed “Chapter 3.”

Insidious Chapter 4 is slated to hit theatres on October 20, 2017.

Insidious Chapter 4 will be produced by “Insidious” regulars Jason Blum, Oren Peli and co-creator James Wan. Steven Schneider, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Charles Layton will serve as executive producers. It will also welcome back Lin Shaye as parapsychologist Elise Rainier,

Universal has released the first official photo from Insidious Chapter 4, and it contains a few familiar elements. Namely, the parapsychologist played by Lin Shaye, a lantern, and the dark surroundings of what looks like The Further – the netherworld where thespectres reside.

Insidious Chapter 4 Plot

Earlier this month, Shaye revealed during an interview with Daily Dead that InsidiousChapter 4 will delve deeper into Elise’s past giving us a rough sketch of the next film’s plotline. Viewers can expect to go back to Elise’s beginnings with the actress stating that we will get to meet Elise at a very different point in her life. “It takes place right after the end of Chapter 3when she walks off with Specs and Tucker and they’re starting their company, Spectral Sightings, and they are now living at her home. They’re like her two sons, her two bad sons.So it starts out in a very jovial, happy place and then goes downhill from there.”

“It’s a fantastic story and it took me back to what made Elise who she is. You meet my family, my mother, my father—we go back to my hometown, which is in New Mexico. And so that’s where this takes place and her quest to find the bad guy that’s been haunting her. It’s a really wonderful story. I think the fans will really, really enjoy it. And it’s scary on levels they’re not going to expect,” she added.

Insidious Chapter 4 Release Date

Universal announced on Monday that it will release Insidious Chapter 4 on October 20, 2017, a date the studio had previously reserved for an untitledproject of theirs. Considering the fact that there is still substantial time before the movie hits the big theatres, we are expecting to hear more news regarding the upcoming horror movie soon.

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