InMobi To Pay Fine of Rs. 6.4 Crores For Illegal Tracking

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In Mobi, a Singapore-based Indian company have been asked to pay a fine of Rs. 6.4 crores or $950,000 in a case of illegal tracking of children’s location of its consumers. The company allegedly worked with the app without permission that restricted access to location data. In Mobi is engaged in helping its end-users to seek appropriate locations through its data networks.

The company manages to gather information in one of its wireless networks. As it uses two data access, one of them helps in associating geographic locations which procured after the consent of the device. After getting the approval, it collects all details regarding wireless network from the accessed data. Then, the company tend to provide information regarding locations through preferred advertisements even when they are off-line. The company made a set of geotargeting products which tend to help consumers to avail services on a commercial basis.

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InMobi deliberately entered location through the help of technology in all the devices. They did not ask for consent, be it consumers or children, specifically. The targeted the data access for locations, thus delivering targetted ads to its end-users along with the kids through minor apps. The company subsequently violated all terms and regulations and booked under Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Initially, the company was fined Rs. 27.14 crores or 14 million USD but later on it got reduced to 6.4 crores INR or 950,000 USD. This measuretook into considering the poor financial condition. Apart from first payment, the company has to jot down certain rules. As it has take consent from its consumers before tracking locations or accessing their data. In a case of children, that ought to seek permission from parents. The previous records of children need to destroy immediately.


According to Jessica Rich, Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection,InMobi tracked the locations of hundreds of millions of consumers, including children, without their consent, in many cases totally ignoring consumers’ express privacy preferences. This settlement ensures that InMobi will honor consumers’ privacy choices in the future, and will be held accountable for keeping their privacy promises.

In the future perspective, InMobi has been ordered to represent proper tracking practices, clarifying regarding the status to the consumers. A comprehensive internal program must intend which majorly include appropriate security methods and privacy programs. Records of previous data should be kept in a compiled form. Taking explicit consent for further location tracking is a must and the existing data ought to delete once a new set of data have gathered. Lastly, InMobi ought to procure auditing for compliance in every 2 years for a time span of 20 years continuously.

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