Infosys President Quits: Setback For CEO

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Infosys President Quits

Head of Americas and global head of manufacturing and retail for Infosys, Sandeep Dadlani quit the company and this is a major setback for CEO Vishal Sikka. Thursday night saw the nomination of two executive officers, one of them Nitesh Banga replaced Dadlani as the global head of manufacturing.

Since Vishal Sikka took over as CEO of Infosys in 2014, nearly ten senior executives have resigned. Dadlani joined Infosys in 2001 when the company valued over $70 million. Today the revenue generated by the company is well over $10 billion. It is the largest employer of H1-B visa professionals in the United States of America. Dadlani was one of the four Presidents who managed Infosys and he managed almost a third of the total revenue.

Dadlani’s LinkedIn note read that he would always cherish his time at Infosys but he has decided to pursue his personal interests elsewhere and promises his next venture to be an ‘out-of-the-world’ assignment.

CEO Vishal Sikka received a blow from the resignation of Dadlani since Sikka had recently entrusted him with the generation of more business through Infosys’s new software solutions. Infosys has taken to developing software and services, increasing focus on automation and artificial intelligence. Sikka promised a revenue of $20 billion by 2020 when he took the office of CEO but on Friday, Infosys admitted that this was not possible.

Infosys has been under public scrutiny with founder Narayana Murthy leading the charge against Infosys failing to keep up with corporate governance of the company. He raised questions about the severance pay of former CFO of the company, Rajiv Bansal and forced the company to reinstate its commitment to integrity and upholding the norms of governance. Infosys blamed Murthy’s allegations to be causing distractions and that the negative media coverage and scrutiny divert the time and attention of the board and management, causing prices of equity shares to drop.

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