Inferno Star Irrfan Khan Says Hollywood has Keen Interest in Indian Talent

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Irrfan Khan

Creating history in Bollywood with some of his most unconventional projects like Paan Singh Tomar”, “Talvar”, “Maqbool”, and “7 Khoon Maaf”, Irrfan has carved a name for himself in Hindi cinema. He is one of those actors who have changed the perspective of seeing Bollywood. But he has not only won heaats of the Indian audiences and gradually established himself in the West too.

Irrfan told IANS “The major change (over the last decade) is that Hollywood is getting interested in Indian talent. They have been very smart and wise about taking talent from different countries — whether it is Spain, Mexico, China, Japan or Korea. They have incorporated talent from all around the world to make their storytelling fresher and bring new elements into it,”

The fate of the actor changed when British filmmaker Asif Kapadia’s “The Warrior” in 2001 gave a much-needed fillip to his career and the much needed exposure to the West that opened new vistas for him and his success actually changed the mind of the International film makers for Indian talents. From there on, there was no looking back for Irrfan. He has been part of many worthy foreign films like “The Namesake”, “Life of Pi”, “A Mighty Heart”, “Slumdog Millionaire’, and “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

The 49-year-old cleared saying the perspective of the foreign movie makers have changed towards the Indian talents. He said “When I entered Hollywood, most of my colleagues and industry people used to say that ‘Hollywood mein kya hai’, ‘Taxi driver aur waiter ke role hi hote hain’. But fortunately things have changed. Now, the nationality is not important.”

Irrfan added that “For me in ‘Inferno’, nationality doesn’t matter, or like in ‘Jurassic World’, where I played the role of Simon Masrani — he could have been an Indian Sindhi or an Italian. So that is how things are changing. Your nationality doesn’t really become a limitation,

Talking about his upcoming international project in Inferno, where he will seen along with none but Hollywood sensational star Tom Hanks. The best part of Irrfan is that his talent and dedication is well acknowledged by all. Even Tom Hanks was seen going gaga over this talented Indian actor.

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