Indo-US militant logistics sharing agreement

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Indo-US militant

The yes-no on the deal of sharing the military ammunitions between the two significant democracies of the world which are US and India have been on for quite a long time. Today the final decisions including the ‘supposed to be’ clauses of the deal have completed. The defence minister has given a confirmation on this deal. The basic concept of this deal is that both the nations can use each other’s military equipment, land, bases, etc. in need.

Though the status of the India is still under doubt like the nuclear deal, the most striking thing is that the US military can enter India only on invitation and according to the centre this is going to be a step ahead to Modi’s “Make in India” concept. The Indian government wants to have access to the US based technologies through this deal.

One being the oldest and the other being the largest democracy of the world, India and US have been sharing quite a healthy relation for a long time. Ruling parties at the head of the nation changes, but the agreements remain the same. Among many deals and agreements signed between these two nations we all know that the nuclear deal is the most important one. Now it seems that India is on the way to pay back the regards in the form of ammunitions in exchange for the status of a nuclear state.

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