India’s First Pokmon Go Accident: Bandra Boy Rams his Car into Auto Rickshaw

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Pokmon Go

The whole world is currently suffering from the Pokmon Go fever and is driving everybody crazy. Although many have enjoyed playing this location-based, augmented reality game, reports are coming from all over the world that Pokmon Go has brought trouble for them as well as for others too. And India had witnessed its first Pokmon Go accident on Monday, when a 26-years old Bandra boy, Jabbir Ali, met with an accident and the faced the game’s dangerous consequences.

Jabbir, who is car dealer by profession, was coming home on Carter Road from Bandstand. Jabbir and his brother Adil were stuck at a traffic signal, and the younger brother was busy explaining this awesome game to him. Adil, who was playing Pokmon Go for the first time, got so much engrossed with the game, did not notice that his car bumped into an auto rickshaw and damaged the bumper of his Mercedes E240. The accident cost Jabbir Rs. 20,000 and moreover made him the first person in India to make accident while playing Pokmon Go.

Jabbir, who is a responsible driver and had always followed the traffic rules, now plans to spread awareness among the educated people and mass to be careful while playing the game. The Bandra boy also shared the incident and posted the image of the damaged car on his social media accounts, warning the Pokmon Go players to be safe and cautious.

Taking note of this incident and to prevent such mishaps in the future, Mumbai Police has also posted a video on the microblogging site Twitter, warning people not to get distracted while playing Pokmon Go. The tweet which Mumbai Police shared on their handle, reads, “Life is not a game. Especially not one to be played on the roads!” So our advice to all the readers that enjoy playing Pokmon Go, but play it responsibly.

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