Indian traditional Games getting a Digital Make Over

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Doing a activity repeatedly everyday can be quite taxing. People tend to look for a pleasant change that can save them from the boredom of monotonous doings. This theory is applicable not just for the regular activities that one does since waking up from bed. Whether it is about following a particular fashion or persevering with a particular food habit, the people’s choices keep changing. When a new product comes to the market, people go berserk for buying it as they get jaded otherwise easily. That is the reason probably why even online gaming stakeholders have started digitalising some of the traditional games which seems to be working well in bringing larger audience, rekindling their lost interest. Let us now see some of the traditional games like online rummy which have come up with a new avatar, thanks to the creative thinking of online gaming industry and how they are reinvented as apps.


Buddhi Yoga:

This is a modified version of snakes and ladders game called Gyan Chaupar.  The purpose of this game is to go to the abode of Vishnu called Vaikunta by climbing up the ladder if you land on cell number 54 which is called bhakti. Similarly, if you fall on a cell called Kusangati, it denotes that you have embraced falsehood. This board game is said to have originated during 5th century BC. A Kolkata-based entrepreneur called Aman Gopal Sureka in London, transformed this game from the board to an app called Buddhi Yoga. This game though is not a ditto Gyan Chaupar board, the concept is based on it. When you land on a particular cell, you will view yourself through the prism of that particular cell. You land on different such cells through repeated attempts before understanding yourself and your society completely. This is an excellent mind relaxing game which you can play as an alternative version of Gyan Chaupar.


This highly popular 13 card Rummy game is played among friends and relatives whenever there is a gathering or a function and during travel. Knowing that rummy has a special place in the heart of Indians, this game was digitized thanks to the pioneers like and soon it became a blockbuster hit. The easy registration process coupled with attractive graphics and informative tutorials for rummy rules in addition to real cash games impel the Rummy lovers to download the app and play Rummy online for real money. Every Rummy site has millions of users who find it thrilling to play the game with the professionals and experts across India 24×7.

Rummy game


Down in South of India, especially in Tamil Nadu, there used to be a game called Pallankuzhi which was played especially by women. It was a fast-paced board game, played during past time till a few decades back. As the interest of the people started declining, it has to be said that the digitalisation has successfully revived this otherwise dormant game. This game is played between two players with a wooden board comprising 14 pits (seven on either side) where you are supposed to collect maximum seeds to win the game. A player will be declared the winner when he has maximum number of counters adding the seeds than his opponent. This game, although sounds simple, involves a lot of thinking process to master it.

Gilli Danda:

This ancient game is believed to be the mother of modern sports like cricket, baseball and softball. The idea is to hit a small stick called Gilli with a larger stick called Danda. Here once the gilli is hit, the score is measured by the distance from where it was hit and where it gets landed. The opponents need to catch the gilli in the air to end the hitter’s turn. This online game provides you two different environments – one depicting the village scenario and the other depicting the ultra-modern stadium. The idea of this game is to hit the gili to land on cart, water, tank, tractor etc and collect the golden coins. It is one of the most popular game online with over 1 lakh downloads.


Digitalisation has really helped retrieving the lost aura of traditional games. So many games are getting digitised thanks to the proactive thinking of out of the box thinkers. The traditional games played by our predecessors are gaining a wider reach beyond boundaries than before. The innovative efforts taken by these online gaming stakeholders must be truly lauded.

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