Indian Startup Ray IOT Supported By Johnson & Johnson Before Maiden CES Appearence

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Indian startup Ray IoT, which develops non-contact baby monitoring technology solutions, has been supported by a consortium of the American multinational and healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson and HAX, the Shenzhen-based hardware accelerator, as part of the Joint Consumer Health Device Accelerator Program. This is the first Indian company to be supported by this initiative. Another startup has hence made the country proud.


Ray IoT develops Raybaby, a breathing monitor to protect and monitor sleeping babies without any actual physical contact. It lets parents know on their mobile devices if their baby is sleeping properly, if it has rolled over, and if it’s breathing normally, as reported here. The baby monitor is completely non-intrusive and therefore an excellent choice for new parents. Ray IoT posits itself as “the world’s only non-contact sleep and wellness tracker for babies.” Raybaby is also set to launch on Kickstarter on January 31. Kickstarter describes itself as “the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.” and is said to be a home for film, music and performing arts, as well as design and photography.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starts on January 5 in Las Vegas. Post this event, an event at San Francisco is said to happen where HAX will have its demo day on January 10. John Bell, VP of External Innovation and New Business Models at Johnson & Johnson Consumer stated,”What we are learning is that doing everything on your own is no longer possible. We have found out the hard way every now and then that if you try to do everything, it doesn’t work,” as reported here.

Last month, HAX announced a collaboration with Johnson & Johnson to co-operate and advance consumer healthcare-related companies in HAX’s hardware accelerator in Shenzhen, China. The collaboration is focused on nurturing startups who worked or operated in the domains Johnson & Johnson specialises in which include general skin care and baby care, besides oral and female hygiene. Johnson & Johnson also invests billions of dollars in its own R&D and has now engaged in ensuring startups get the technical and financial support they often fail to obtain.

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