Indian Navy Introduces World Class Underwater Vigil System

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Indian Navy

Indian Navy introduced a world class underwater vigil system which would help them further in maintaining defense and surveillance systems as well as mine and warfare data in Vishakhapatanam, today.

The underwater vigilance system would increase the capability of along with highly responsive towards security threats in dock yards of the city. The respective measures were taken under the superior flagship of Vice Admiral HCS Bisht, Commanding In Chief AVSM Flag Officer, Eastern Naval Command.

The two main vigil systems include Integrated Underwater Harbour Defense and Surveillance Systems (IUHDSS) and Mine Warfare Data Centre (MWDC). Both of the highly anticipated technology will help in check mark anti terrorism activities. IUHDSS is mainly diverted towards providing a multi-sensor system which is capable of detecting, identifying, tracking and generating warnings for surface and underwater threats. MWDC main task is to collect and combine, analyse and classify data adhered by Navy’s Mine Hunting Ships in its various ports of East Coast Region.

Indian Navy

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Apart from these two world class integrated surveillance systems, Indian Navy has set up Sagar Prahari Bal (SPB) as well as induction of Fast Interceptor Crafts (FIC) in the ports of Vishakhapatnam. FICs are a series of high speed interceptor boats for Indian Coast Guards. It will help in patrolling and rescue operations in Exclusive Economic Zones of India.

The high profile security measures have been taken amid the 26/11 incident. At that time Indian Navy officials were held responsible for the inhumane act. Indian Coast line is about 7516 km vast and to keep it under A grade protection Government has asked for the coordination of Indian Coast Guards, Marine Police, Fisheries Sector, etc.

Thus, introduction of world class underwater vigilance system which are IUHDSS, MWDC along with SPB and FICs in Vishakhapatanam will enhance the security measures undertaken by Indian Navy.

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