Indian Medical Association Condemns Proposed Bill From NMC

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Indian Medical Association

The Indian Medical Association has opposed the bill proposed by National Medical Commission of India in the recent ongoing Monsoon Session of the Parliament. IMA spoke against the Health Ministry thus stating that they had been sidelined and “illtreated” which got illustrated in the proposed NMC Bill.

The community strongly condemned the decision of the government so as to replace Medical Council of India with the support of National Medical Commission in India along with denying the regulation suppressed over the association. In fact, a statement has been released by Dr S S Aggarwal, National President IMA that the respective bill needs to be discarded immediately thus totally rejecting the acceptance, whatsoever.

Indian Medical Association reversed as there is nothing new in the proposed bill. The Medical Council of India is already carrying out all the functions enumerated in the bill under the aegis and provisions of the present IMC Act. The NMC bill is trying to refute the very same act, which is unnecessary. It is like rebottling old wine in a new bottle. The following statement got updated from The Times of India.

The proposed bill suggests the elimination of the provision of nominated as well as elected members from MCI. But the inclusion of only nominated members in the council is quite resentful and joking regarding the democratic process. The following bill, if agreed upon, will have a complete hold over the MCI. It will further eliminate 100% autonomy and give full freedom to control the council by the Union Health Ministry.

Apart from this, the National Medical Commission Bill will help non-medical profession holders to be the decision makers thus getting registered to National Medical Register all by themselves without seeking any permission or even discussing. The following process is definitely going to pose a threat to the medical profession as a whole.

At present, the Health and Family Welfare Department controls others bodies like Nursing Council of India, Dental Council of India, Pharmacy Council of India, and so on.

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